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Non-alcoholic, functional beverages

Ease into a higher state without alcohol or drugs. Kin Euphorics uniquely layers mood-boosting adaptogens, cognition-enhancing nootropics, and taste-elevating botanics to nourish the mind & body.

Kin for the win

Kin For The Win

Brain Care

Nootropics promote neuroplasticity and positively impact learning, memory, and overall brain function.

Mood Enhancing

Each Kin has a unique function - some calming, some energizing - just choose your desired effect.

Immunity Boosting

Kin’s antioxidant-rich ingredients reduce stress, inflammation, and other factors that impact immune function.

No Hangover

Skip the dehydration, headaches, nausea, and fatigue, and wake up nourished and ready for the day.

Kin In The Press

  • Two bottles of Kin Euphorics on a table with cocktails and fruits against a teal background.
  • Two bottles of Kin Euphorics with a filled glass and a peach on a color-gradient background.
  • A bottle of Kin Euphorics surrounded by citrus fruits, flowers, and a cocktail glass against a warm backdrop.
  • A bottle of Kin Euphorics Dream Light, a cocktail glass, flowers, a burning candle, and a fig on a table.

Sleep/Social Duo


Mixes for every mood

High Rhode: Raise the bar on social hour.
Dream Light: Drift off to dreamland.


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  • Sleep/Social Duo
    Sleep/Social Duo
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