Bliss Duet

Bliss Duet


Double down on seasonal delights with the Bliss Duet, a supremely giftable pairing of High Rhode & Dream Light. Plus: a custom brass bottle topper, a spout to achieve the perfect pour, and citrus rim salt. A Kin x ILA exclusive designed to enhance all your Kintails. Kin, Kin! (+add gift wrap at checkout!)

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  • Dream Light Dream Light

    1 Bottle

  • Brass Bottle Topper + Pour Spout Brass Bottle Topper + Pour Spout
  • High Rhode High Rhode

    1 Bottle

  • ILA Rim Salt ILA Rim Salt

    Lemon + Sea Salt

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  • Kin Spritz
    Kin Spritz
    8 Pack - 355 kr
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  • Sleep/Social Duo
    Sleep/Social Duo
    Bundle Pack - 628 kr
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  • High Rhode
    High Rhode
    1 Pack - 355 kr
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