A smooth blend of lavender-vanilla, birch, and smoked sea salts liven the spirit and satiate the palate. Reishi Mushroom, Saffron, L-Tryptophan and Passionflower delight the mind and root the energetic body.

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What's In It

Mellow Your Body


Adaptogens are plants and herbs that strengthen the adrenal system and balance the body’s reactions to stress. We use Reishi Mushroom and Passionflower to calm and mellow the body.

Clear Your Mind


Nootropics are supplements that aid the brain for enhanced cognitive function. Lightwave is stacked with L-Theanine, L-Serine, L-Tryptophan, and Magnesium Glycinate to quiet the mind, allowing you to think more clearly.

Ground Your Spirit


Botanics are plants, herbs, or spices that please the palate and center the spirit. Lightwave contains Lavender Extract, Cinnamon, Saffron, Chili Pepper and Gentian root for grounding and immunity.



Lightwave is available in 4-packs of 8oz. cans. One can is enough for most, but you may prefer 2 or 3. Limit yourself to 4 cans in 24 hours. 


Do not consume if you are: under 18; breastfeeding, pregnant, or may become pregnant; have a medical condition; or are taking medication. Do not consume with alcohol. May cause drowsiness, so do not consume when driving or operating heavy equipment. Use only as directed: start with a single serving and increase slowly to determine the amount that works for you. Do not consume more than 4 servings within 24 hours. Discontinue use immediately if you feel any unwanted effects. Keep out of reach of children. 

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