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Kin Spritz

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Herbaceous notes of ginger, bitters, and citrus meet mood-boosting ingredients to enhance clarity, stimulate creative freedom, and drive focus so you can find your center (think brainpower beverage from the future).


Key active ingredients

Rhodiola Rosea

The Divine Balance

Supports the balance of cortisol, the stress hormone that triggers fight or flight, so you can access a moment of clarity.


The Portal to Pleasure

Feel yourself. 5-HTP elevates serotonin to enhance your inner strength and charm and nurtures neurotransmitters in charge of mood, ecstasy, and reward.


The Third Eye of Calm

Reduces excitability and calms the nervous system. Smoothes out stress and anxiety to open a path to possibilities.

Bella's Tip

Bella Hadid, Co-Founder of Kin Euphorics

The first time I drank Kin, it felt makes me feel euphoric, happy, excited to be alive.

Bella Hadid, Co-Founder + Partner Kin Euphorics



Get your KSE (Kin Spritz Energy) with this playlist, inspired by the 8oz rave our ingredient molecules are throwing.

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Kin Spritz

This has CBD right? Actually no, we are adaptogenic in nature to strengthen your adrenal system and balance a body’s reaction to stress. Our stack also includes nootropics to support cognitive function, creativity, and motivation as well as botanics for taste and to center your spirit.

Kin Spritz is gently caffeinated, less than a cup of coffee. The caffeine in Kin is less about a buzz and more about opening your blood vessels so our nano-emulsified ingredients can integrate into your system at speed. Feel it!

The mood-boosting ingredients in Kin Spritz stimulate clarity, creative freedom, and focus. An added bonus: the long-term brain benefits mean you’re taking care of yourself in a future dimension.

Coffee gave us jitters. Wine put us down. Fake-flavors left us with doubt. Our Euphorics help you find balance without the anxiety, hangover, empty calories, or eventual crash.

Sub Kin Spritz for coffee and get an energy boost with long-term brain balancing effects. Have one before work to unlock fresh inspiration and access your creative mind’s eye. Drink one before you exercise, let your playlist seep into your mind, and find your center. Grab a four-pack and hang with your best Kindlings for deep conversations of truth and connection.

No more than 4 in 24 hours, but consider yourself a key ingredient, since everyone reacts differently. Our CFO drinks these all day with a perma-smile, but our Creative Director has just one and spins up more ideas than we can keep up with.

Don’t consume if you’re under 18, breastfeeding, pregnant or may become pregnant, have a medical condition, or are taking SSRIs. Consult your doc if you are unsure if Kin is right for you.

Kin was born as an experiment and we try to stay true to that as we grow. Our formula is constantly evolving to include advancements in technology and braincare. It’s what separates us from these major corporations putting out watered down versions of what we offer. Our team is made up of lifelong learners committed to helping everyone find balance, and elevating our sense of selves and the world—so, yeah we are not afraid to experiment a little! We’re going to keep evolving with you to find the perfect balance.

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