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Kin Citron

Kin Euphorics

Host a barbeque, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. They weren’t wrong, but the crowd’s arriving any minute and aside from the palm sweat and melting ice, your mind is on the kebabs… a moment too long on the grill and they’re toast. Chill — it is a party, after all.  

  1. Dim the porch lights. Mood is everything. 
  2. Peel a zest of citrus (any kind will do). 
  3. Bring it to your nose — inhale its scent.
  4. What memory comes to mind? Is it warm or cool, old or new? Let it linger until you’ve studied every color, every sound, every scent that comes to mind.
  5. Come back to now. You’ve got nowhere else to be.
Kin Euphorics

To Gather

2oz Kin High Rhode

1oz grapefruit soda

5 dashes of citrus bitters

Sparkling water

Orange slice


To Make

Add ice to a rocks glass. Stir in Kin High Rhode, citrus bitters, and grapefruit soda for 30 seconds. Top with sparkling water and garnish with a fresh orange slice.


Enjoy to

Host with ease