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Kin Euphorics

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October 17th, 2018 • RECIPES

The Crowd Pleaser Pour

Kin Euphorics

It’s nine o’clock on Friday night and you’re among the first to arrive to dinner. The friend who invited you is running late — by an hour. You barely know the host, but make a guess of who’s who by the state of her apron. Should you introduce yourself? Make small talk with the stranger in the corner? Hide in the bathroom until your friend arrives?

Inhale four counts.

  1. Hold seven counts.
  2. Exhale eight counts.
  3. Repeat as needed.

Now let’s put that breath to good use.



Rosemary Pomme
Element: Water




2 oz of Kin High Rhode

1 oz Pomegranate Soda

0.5 oz of Ginger Syrup

0.5 oz of Lemon Juice

5 dashes of Dram “Hair of the Dog” Bitters



To Make
Pour all ingredients into a shaker, add ice, and shake mindfully for 30 seconds. Strain into a coupe served straight up. Top with a sprig of rosemary, and sip socially.


Best Enjoyed With
New faces, large crowds, uncharted settings