A revolution of feel-good revelry

Functional beverages designed to help elevate your every day from dusk till dawn.

Rooted in Ayurvedic medicine, Kin Euphorics is a functional beverage, designed to offer an entourage effect by using natural ingredients that nourish the mind and body.

These ingredients provide benefits beyond basic nutrition or flavor, positively affecting bodily functions to achieve an elevated state of health, mood, or well-being.

  • Adaptogens

    Herbs and roots to help the body adapt and respond to stress.

    Reishi Mushroom

    Lightwave & Dream Light

    Rhodiola Rosea

    High Rhode & Kin Spritz


    Kin Bloom


    Kin Bloom

  • Nootropics

    Nurture your neurotransmitters to enhance brain cognition.


    Kin Spritz & High Rhode


    Kin Bloom & Dream Light


    Kin Spritz & High Rhode


    Lightwave & Dream Light


    Dream Light

  • Botanics

    Plants and flowers to center the spirit and elevate taste.


    Actual Sunshine


    Actual Sunshine &
    Dream Light

    Gentian Root

    High Rhode


    Kin Spritz & Lightwave


    Lightwave & Dream Light

Layering these energy-transforming ingredients helps to tune your mood and activate the power, energy, and peace that is already in you.

Life is a grand and never-ending celebration and we are your gracious hosts: here to ensure that every moment is filled with magic.

We are Kin.

We are choice explorers, helping you tune your mood with more flow, focus, and energy. We created Kin Euphorics
for everyone who wants more out of the connective experiences in their lives. And we know that this often starts with healing our connection to ourselves.

We are all Kin.

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