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Kin Euphorics is a non-alcoholic, functional beverage, designed using ingredients that nourish mind and body. Adaptogens to help you manage stress; nootropics to support brain cognition; and spirit-centering botanics to elevate taste. Carefully layering these energy-transforming ingredients help you tune your mood and activate the power, energy, and peace that is already in you.

A functional beverage contains ingredients that provide benefits beyond basic nutritional or flavor value, positively affecting one or more functions in the body or mind to achieve an elevated state of health, mood, or well-being.

Kin is supreme in the world of Functionals because of the unique way we layer the brilliance of adaptogens, the magic of nootropics, and the deliciousness of botanicals. The entourage effect from these properties can ease you into a higher state of mind without hurting your mind, body, or integrity.

Adaptogens are balancing herbs that help your body manage stress by decreasing sensitivity to daily stressors. Nootropics are natural supplements that support brain cognition, memory and mood, while boosting creativity and motivation. Spirit-centering botanics are functional plants that elevate taste.

The key active ingredients in Kin interact differently with each of our compositions - the most powerful ingredient being you. While one Kindling may feel the effects of a Kin Spritz immediately, it may take a double dose for someone else. Take our quiz and learn which Kin will best nourish your mind and body.

Don't worry, this can happen! In the Kin Lab, we create with natural ingredients, using limited filtration in the process, so sedimentation is completely natural. For your bottles, give it a gentle shake and enjoy as usual.

No, Kin does not contain CBD, hemp or cannabis. We've opted for a stack that is adaptogenic to strengthen the adrenal system & balance your body’s reaction to stress. Nootropics help to support cognitive function, vision & energy, and botanics for taste & to center your spirit.

Some of our beverages contain caffeine. High Rhode, Kin Spritz, and Actual Sunshine all contain a variation of caffeine.

High Rhode and Kin Spritz each have 50 mg per serving, less than a cup of coffee. We found this was the perfect amount to conjure wakefulness, energy and improved mood. When stacked with calming ingredients like GABA, you're left feeling balanced. Actual Sunshine has 33 mg of caffeine coming from Coffeeberry®. This softer dose of caffeine will gently wake you while working in harmony with saffron, turmeric and other vitamins for a helpful immunity boost.

All Kin products are vegan except for Actual Sunshine. This is our only offering that could not be made without help from the animal kin-dom. Ethically sourced and always nutraceutical grade, our collagen is of bovine and D3 is of sheep’s wool (lanolin). This is one area where the results were simply unmatched by plant-based alternatives, or at least what is currently allowed in foods by the FDA. Apologies to our vegan Kindlings, we hate to disappoint!

Kin was created to enhance your daily ritual, to provide power to your mind so you can rise. We are mindful that some ingredients may not be suitable with each different phase of your life, so it's best to consult your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications.

Check out our store locator to see where Kin is sold in your neighborhood bar, bliss bodega, restaurant, or super shop!

There is no alcohol in Kin but some stores might require an ID and others may not. This is not a requirement of Kin, but rather of the retailer who determines once Kin hits their shelves.

Orders & Shipping

Once your order is placed, our fulfillment team gets right to packing. All orders are final, but we'll try our best to cancel your order if it hasn't shipped. Shipped orders cannot be canceled. Reach out to hello@kineuphorics.com for help.

Kin ships to all 50 US states, excluding Army Post Office (APO) and Fleet Post Office (FPO).

Right now, we're not shipping internationally. If an order is shipped using a freight forwarding address and the package is marked delivered, Kin is no longer liable for the package.

Orders are packed Monday-Friday, but not on federal US holidays. Standard shipping orders will fulfill and ship within 2-4 business days. Expedited shipping orders will fulfill and ship within 1-2 business days. We'll send you an email with tracking information once we get your order out the door.

If your order is damaged or packed incorrectly, please send us an email to hello@kineuphorics.com.

On the outside of your box is a small sticker with a barcode and a group of numbers that start with "27:". Take pictures of the damage and that sticker, and include both in your email. If you have a packing slip in the box, please include a picture of that as well. We'll work with you to make this right.

If your order never arrived, email us so we can reach out to your shipping carrier.

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We do not accept returns, offer refunds, or provide a money-back guarantee. If you have concerns, please check the ingredients and speak with your doctor first. With that said, we absolutely want you to love your Kin, so reach out to our team for help at hello@kineuphorics.com.

Subscriptions & Bundle Builder

Select your Kin and we will auto-bill your payment on file each month on the date of your first order. After you have signed up, you can change how often your Kin ships. All subscriptions receive a 10% discount, ship free, and get access to exclusive perks & new products! Each subscription requires a two-charge minimum before canceling, but we hope to be a part of your ritual for much longer. Fully manage your subscription here.

Kin subscriptions renew on the same date that you first subscribed. If you first ordered on the 9th, it will process the following month on the 9th. If you need to change the cadence your Kin ships, you can do that within your account here.

Log in to your account here, and you can edit, skip, gift, or cancel your subscription. If you're not seeing the cancel button, it's likely because you still need to meet the two-charge minimum. If you have, email our team at hello@kineuphorics.com so we can help.

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Our Kin Team is available to help Monday-Thursday, and typically responds within 1-2 business days. If you need anything, send an email to hello@kineuphorics.com.

We're honored to be included! We're a small team and we'll do our best to respond. If we find you a good fit, someone will follow up.

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